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  • In this quick tutorial, I"ll show you how to remove any object from your images in Photoshop.

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    We start off with this image of a girl, suspended from the ceiling. We"re going to remove the ropes, so she looks like she"s levitating.

    To do this I start by selecting the Clone Stamp tool and making sure I have a soft brush setting.

    Before we can use this amazing tool we need to understand how it works.

    I begin by setting a sampling point by holding down the Alt or Option key, and when the cursor changes, clicking. This acts as a source point for my clone stamping. I can now paint and it will copy the image from the source point onto wherever I click.

    As I paint, the source point is indicated with a small cross. Look closely and you"ll see it following alongside my brush.

    It"s important to remember that, once you begin painting, the source point maintains the same position relative to your brush, until you set a new source point.

    Also, each time you let go of your mouse button, it drops the changes onto the canvas. This is worth bearing in mind as, if you"re not careful, you can end up unintentionally resampling the same section of image over and over again.

    For these reasons, it"s important to regularly set new source points as you work.

    Now that we understand how the tool works, let"s start removing these ropes. I start off by looking for natural lines that intersect the thing I want to remove. I can easily follow these lines and copy the image across from either side. I keep sampling and applying the image until everything merges seamlessly.

    Eventually I get to a more challenging area, without obvious sampling points. At this point I use the marquee tool to help me define hard boundaries. Then once I"m done working within my selection, I inverse my selection by going to Select...Inverse. This allows me to work on the opposite side of my boundary as well.

    As I work on the rest of the image, I constantly zoom in and out to find new sampling points. I focus on easy targets first, and then move on to more difficult areas, as the image simplifies.

    There"s really no shortcut to becoming an expert at this. It just takes a lot of practice to develop a good eye for sampling points, as well as a feel for the tool itself. A good way to learn is to start by removing small things from your images and gradually working up to more difficult projects like this one.

    Finally, I remove the last segments of rope. Persistence definitely pays when using this tool. It takes me a while to finish, but I just keep sampling and, eventually I get the result I"m looking for.

    I"m really happy with how this has turned out. She looks like she"s magically suspended in mid air.

    That"s it for this tutorial. If you enjoyed it please subscribe and hit the like button. And I"ll see you next time!
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  • ThisisMcDasi
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    Every time I use the clone stamp tool, it copies the object that I"m trying to remove

    • BluBon
      BluBon 0 месяца отступать

      That means when you hold down alt click, are you trying to sample from your object that you want to remove? It"s just a quick mistake. Hold down alt-click, and sample from the area that you are going to use to remove the thing you want to remove (etc. something else from your image that blends in seamlessly.) Then, let go of alt-click, go to the object you want to remove, and carefully watch where the cross is going so you know how it"s going to blend in.

  • Manny
    Manny 0 годы отдавать +1

    Worst...I mean best youtuber evah you should have more subscribers, xD.

    • Graphics Geeks
      Graphics Geeks 0 возраст взад

      Well I"ve got +MannyPlays subscribed - thats got to count for something! :D

  • eltiaco ЄƧƤ & ƊȤƝ
    eltiaco ЄƧƤ & ƊȤƝ 0 годы отступать +2

    very good tutorial :D

    • Graphics Geeks
      Graphics Geeks 0 лета обратно

      +eltiaco ЄƧƤ & ƊȤƝ Thanks dude :)

  • Graphics Geeks
    Graphics Geeks 0 годы взад +14


    Use the #photoshop clone stamp tool to remove any object from your images!

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